The Colorado Farm Brewery is really 80 years in the making.  When Ray Coody resettled his young family in the fertile soil of the San Luis Valley, he broke the ground with a pioneer spirit.  He, his son and his grandsons farmed the worlds best malting barley for over 70 years, always dreaming that one day, they could complete the circle.  Then, his grandson began malting barley to support a local brewing community in Colorado.  Now, Ray's great-grandsons have fulfilled the dream of their forbearer and created The Colorado Farm Brewery in order to close the circle that he started.  They are farming the barley, wheat and rye, malting and roasting all the grains themselves and brewing those grains into true farm beer.  

This sustainable model is unlike anything else in the world.  Many breweries claim to be farm breweries, but how many can truly say that all their grains (base, specialties and adjuncts) are grown, malted and roasted onsite?  How many can say that they have wild yeast strains captured onsite and wrangled into good beer making submission?  How many can say that their deep artisan well water is unique and comes from very earth the grains are farmed on?  How many can say that they are growing Hops onsite for their brewing?  Some can boast these things, but only one can boast all!!  The Colorado Farm Brewery.  Come and be in the circle.