Batch #1

This beer is brewed with 100% estate ingredients from the historic Cody Family Farm. As a Belgian-Style Blond, it is brewed is all Colorado Malting Company grains, hops grown on site, our own well water, and a wild yeast strain harvested by Jason. The grain bill is straight forward with 80% CMC Special Pale Ale malt and 20% lightly roasted CMC Abbot Malt. During the brewing process, a small single decoction is performed to contribute a clean, European style taste. It is lightly hopped to not overshadow the unique yeast flavors that come from the Colorado Spontaine Yeast. Watch out for slight banana and citrus flavors and enojoy the balance of malt and goodness. 

Batch #2

Brewed with 100% estate ingredients, this Belgian-style Dunkel is brewed with all Colorado Malting Company grains, hops grown on site, and the Colorado Spontaine Yeast Strain harvested by Jason Cody here on the property. The grain bill is complex with 60% CMC Special Pale Ale Malt, 10% Special C Crystal Malt, 10% lightly roasted CMC Abbot Malt, 10% CMC Dark Caramel Malt, and 10% CMC Laws Bourbon Barrel Smoked Malt. During the brewing process, a high strike temperature ensures sweet and full flavors. Lightly hopped, displaying caramel, and bourbon smoke flavors. 

The Field

Brewed in collaboration with Laws Whiskey House, this traditional Roggen Bier includes 50% malted Rye and 50% CMC Special Pale Ale Malt. The hop schedule includes massive quantities of Cascades and Golden Nuggets at the end of the boil and during the whirlpool to impart a hop smell and light flavor. Notice how hazy this beer clarifying agents or filtering were used, just tons of Rye protein and hoppy people. 

The Farm Haus Lager

This beer was brewed with Greg from Crestone Brewing on site at The Colorado Farm Brewery. It is a traditional European Lager recipe with all Colorado Malting grains and all Colorado hops. However, this unique lager includes Tritacale from the Historic Curto Family Farm in Waverly, CO. The lightly roasted Abbot Malt adds a craft beer balance to the Colorado hop character. The hop schedule includes early addition nuggets for bittering and late addition Cascades for a light hop flavor. This is an unfiltered lager beer,  farm fresh, and good enough to have more than one. 

The Colorado Farm IPA

This beer was brewed at the request of our customers. Many people asked, "Do you have an IPA?" The answer is yes, but TCFB style. The grain is a single variety Colorado Malting Special Malt made from our own unique barley variety. No other brewery in the country can boast this since Colorado Malting is the only known grower of this variety in the country. The hop schedule includes huse quantities of Colorado and estate Cascades, Golden Nuggets, and Chinook hops throughout the boil, during the whirlpool, and in fermentation to impart bitter flavor and aromatic qualities. This beer should finish bitter, but crisp. At 86 IBUS's, it should satisfy our never ending need...